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Basics How to Create and Send an Email Campaign?
This video is a step-by-step description of how to use MailDirect to create and send effective email marketing campaigns.
video 453
Basics How to Create a List and Map Recipients?
This video explains the list creation and recipient adding processes in detail. Both these process play key roles in effective email marketing.
video 200
Basics How To Upload An Image Using FTP?
This video is a step-by-step guide to uploading images through FTP Host for Email Marketing using MailDirect.
video 171
Basics How To Use Forward-To-Friend Feature?
This video shows how you can use the Forward-to-Friend feature from MailDirect to increase you word-of-mouth publicity.
video 39
Configuration How To Import Recipients From Your Gmail Account?
This video shows how to import recipients from a Gmail account to MailDirect.
video 32
Configuration How To Setup Passwords For Downloading Reports?
This video explains how to setup passwords to ensure data security and integrity while using MailDirect.
video 31
Configuration How To Set Calendar-based Scheduling in MailDirect?
This video will show you how to use Calendar-based campaigns in MailDirect and ensure that you connect with your customers at the right time every time.
video 21
Configuration MailDirect User Guides – How To Get Started With Your MailDirect Account.
This video is a quick start guide for the first time user, explaining him about the fundamentals of MailDirect. It will walk him through the panel showing how to create list of recipients, send email campaign to that list and then view the campaign report to analyse its performance.
video 3
Feature How To Use Group Campaigns in MailDirect?
This video describes how marketers can send email campaigns to multiple recipients directly from their email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) through a specific 'From Id' and 'Sender Id' using Group Campaigns from MailDirect.
video 90
Feature How To Use CleverLists?
This video shows how to target segmented customers using the CleverLists feature in MailDirect.
video 76
Feature How To Redirect Individual Recipients To Individual URL?
The video shows how MailDirect enables you to send out mails that redirect recipients to different customized urls.
video 75
Feature How To Personalise Your Email Campaign?
This video is a step-by-step guide on creating personalize email campaigns using MailDirect. Personalization allows you to engage with your customers/prospects better, and helps produce better Open rates and Click-Through Rates.
video 67
Feature How To Conduct A/B Split Testing?
This is a step-by-step video on how to use the A/B Split Test feature from MailDirect to pre-test your email campaigns and improve response rates.
video 67
Feature How To Schedule Engagers?
This video shows you keep your customers/prospects engaged using the Engagers feature from MailDirect. Engagers enable you to setup a sequence of messages at predefined intervals. These ensure continuous communication to effect faster closures.
video 67
Feature How To Use Image Map Tool in MailDirect?
This video explains how to link different areas of a single image to different links, without having to split the image and modify the backend code.
video 66
Feature How To Conduct Surveys Over Email?
This video explains how To create and conduct email surveys using MailDirect.
video 59
Feature How To Use Outcome Based Campaign?
This video explains how you can send targeted email marketing campaigns based on the performance of earlier campaigns using the Outcome-based campaigns feature from MailDirect.
video 58
Feature How To Use Reminders?
This video how you can use reminders to connect with your customers on time, every time.
video 47
Feature Email Campaign Statistics Overview.
This video will guide you through the MailDirect Statistics section - which will enable you to determine your campaign performance and tweak campaign attributes for better performance in the future.
video 42
Feature How To Use Google Analytics?
This video will guide you through the process of integrating Google Analytics with your email marketing using MailDirec
video 40
Feature How To Set A Campaign Completion Email Alert In MailDirect?
This video explains how MailDirect enables you to send a Campaign Completion alert to specific email ids, which may be required as a standard operating procedure (SOP) in certain organizations and verticals such as BFSI, Media and Advertising.
video 22
Feature How To Handle Enhanced Name & Salutation?
This video explains how to use the enhanced Name & Salutation feature in MailDirect. It enables you to use a default value in case the salutation for certain records is missing.
video 21
Feature How To Set And Use The Test Recipients Feature in MailDirect?
This video shows how marketers can save a list of test ids in the MailDirect panel and use them while testing mailers - eliminating the need to type in ids one by one.
video 19
Feature How To Use The 'Webpage As A Mailer' Feature In MailDirect?
This video shows you how MailDirect's 'Webpage as a Mailer' can be used to automatically send the revised content of a webpage as a mailer to subscribers/users. This feature comes in handy especially for verticals with frequently changing content - such as media, news, blogs and forums.
video 18
Feature MailDirect Feature Guides - How to Avoid Mailers Landing in Spam In MailDirect?
This video shows you the good practice that you need to follow while creating a campaign in MailDirect, which will lesser the possibility of your campaigns landing in the Spam box thus helping you in have a equally decent view count.
video 3
Feature MailDirect User Guides - User Interface Overview
This video is an overview of the user interface of MailDirect, as you login for the first time. It explains the different option and the labels that are seen after one logs in.
video 3
Feature MailDirect Feature Guide - Know Which Recipients Are Interested In Your Email Campaigns.
This Video helps you in tracking the delivery of your email campaigns to each of your recipients. You can now get a list of those recipients who have been actively viewing all your email campaigns conducted so far, thus refining your Recipient List by separating the active recipients from the inactive ones.
video 1
Feature MailDirect Feature Guide – Integrate any third party application with MailDirect.
This video will guide you on how you can integrate any third party application with MailDirect through its API feature. Be it syncing your website and CRM with MailDirect, enabling auto upload of your customer data, MailDirect’s API feature has made it all easy for you to manage your customer list smartly.
video 1
Feature MailDirect Feature Guides - How to Manage Your Recipients List.
This Video will walk you through the various actions that you can perform with your Recipient List – Like Filter Recipients, Assign Recipients to another list, View all the lists that a particular Recipient is mapped in, Block or Delete recipients and many more.
video 1
Feature MailDirect Feature Guides - Extend the reach of your emails by using MailDirect’s Social Share Feature.
This video will help you publish your campaign in social sites using MailDirect, service. e.g. Facebook, etc.
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