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Looking to get in touch with us for some technical help? Perhaps, you’d like a little help with understanding some of the new additions to our services? Welcome to the Support section of our MailDirect website. We are constantly striving to provide with the best of our services and dedicated help, when required. Feel free to explore the new pages in the section. Common queries and issues not specific to your usage are addressed in the FAQs page. Feel free to browse for a solution. If there is a particular, recurring issue you are being faced with or you’d like to get in touch with us directly, please report it through the ‘Support & Escalation‘ section, and we’ll  get back to you with a solution for the same at the soonest. We’d love to hear from you, even if it is just to say hello! Click on the User Guides segment for a detailed tutorial of the latest MailDirect features. If you are new at this, this section also includes a blow-by-blow account on how to use MailDirect effectively.