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FieldSense is a smart Sales Force Automation solution that goes well beyond just field and sales force tracking. The FieldSense mobile app allows your field and sales force to perform a range of routine activities like punching in and out of your attendance system, adding customer visits, reaching meeting destinations with real-time navigation assistance, reporting visit outcomes, claiming expense reimbursements, messaging important updates, collecting data in custom created forms and with more to come.

The FieldSense web app gives a complete overview of the field operations on the manager’s dashboard, showing all the details of his subordinates including current location, availability status, scheduled visits and travel routes. Moreover, features like instant messaging facilitates quick sharing of critical information with the field personnel; easy access to reports related to visits, travel routes and travel expenses of his subordinates makes the manager’s job so much more easier.

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With its highly advanced feature list and an array of plug-in options, create an email system that can be customised and personalised to be made your email system.

  • Highly Scalable, to handle thousands of users.
  • Intuitive and powerful Web mail.
  • Bandwidth Management.
  • Archiving along with indexing and retrieving features*.
  • Centralised Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Management *
  • Create your own forms and process documents.*
  • Push organizational emails to the users’ hand – held.*
  • Exhaustive MIS Reports at User & Domain Level.*
  • Advanced User Management to seamlessly handle multiple locations.*Shared connection.*

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From architecture to infrastructure and interface, MailServe provides you with a robust & reliable email hosting platform that treats email as the critical communication channel of your organization. MailServe provides:

  • Extremely high up-time commitment.
  • Cutting edge infrastructure located in the most highly regarded data center.
  • User-friendly, single point web interface.
  • Robust and reliable email hosting platform.
  • Internationally recognized Anti-virus and Anti-spam technologies.*
  • Reliable website hosting with best possible access times.*
  • Efficient and hassle-free registration of Indian & International domain names.*
  • Manage users, access rights and storage of FTP server.*
  • Personalised communication with your customers by SMS.*

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This simple LAN based email server is ideal for small organisations with not more than 100 users. Just install and configure once and PostMaster Express will run like magic.

  • Simple to install & deploy.
  • One Internet account,unlimited email ids.
  • Email for everyone without Internet access.
  • Central storage of all email sent and received.
  • Global level rules for email and Internet usage.
  • Single-point Anti-virus & Anti-spam.*
  • Centralize Internet access through single shared connection.*

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Shared folders + Planner + Workflow + Social-interaction mechanisms = OnBoard If you prefer less jargon, then read on

  • OnBoard is cloud-based, storage & sharing of information – with its convenient permissions-based Document repository;
  • OnBoard lets you keep track of your events & tasks, both for yourself and in groups;
  • OnBoard separates out discussion from action in your meetings – no more wondering ‘when was this discussed’, or ‘who was supposed to be handling this’?
  • OnBoard uses the highly familiar means of real-time interaction among individuals and groups, made ubiquitous by highly popular social-media platforms – so Zero learning curve.

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With BackTrack working on your LAN, you can rest assured that even if the CPU crashes BackTrack will save all your data.

  • Real-time and reliable back-up of computer files.
  • One time installation and configuration.
  • Central storage repository.
  • Easy recovery using folder structure and file name.
  • Single window administration and monitoring.
  • Scheduled back-up for all users.
  • Back-up only updated or modified files.
  • Scalability as per requirement.
  • Detailed logs at user level.

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iMonit elegantly delivers a single function, one that’s critical for anyone who has to monitor the health of online servers and services – a single window to check on whether your servers and services are up and running from your iPhone, with an interface that even a child can configure. With iMonit you can

  • Monitor all your servers on a single, convenient mobile screen.
  • Set up monitors for web servers, email servers, database servers and other custom services*.
  • Maintain and view a historical trend of server response times in both list and graph.

The next time you have a niggling doubt about whether the new server you provisioned is up and running – just check with iMonit!

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Product PortfolioIf you have a website that’s regularly updated, and a list of customers who wish to be informed about the changes you make on particular pages, then this feature from MailDirect will make you very happy – because you don’t need to do anything extra to send out email alerts to people who subscribe to your content pages.
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Product PortfolioFieldSense, PostMaster, MailServe & Backtrack are our other recognized and established offerings
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