MailDirect – Personalized Email Marketing Software from QLC

Personalized Email Marketing Software from QLC

What’s New

If you have a website that’s regularly updated, and a list of customers who wish to be informed about the changes you make on particular pages, then this feature from MailDirect will make you very happy – because you don’t need to do anything extra to send out email alerts to people who subscribe to your content pages. Read More

Personalized Email Marketing Solutions for your communication needs

It’s as easy as that. Once you activate your campaign, you can watch in the near-real-time monitor, as MailDirect fires your campaign at thousands of messages per second. Or schedule it for initiation – Read more..

Online Surveys module with enhanced analytics functionality

How do you go about taking a decision on a new feature that you’d like to introduce? How do you find out how your people feel about a new policy that the HR Dept. recently announced? How do you ensure – Read more..

In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, nobody doubts the need and effectiveness of personalized, one-on-one communications. In addition, the rapid spread of increasingly smarter mobile devices provides a unique platform for multi-modal, personalized communications.

MailDirect combines the capabilities of Email, SMS, and Voice to create effective & purposeful marketing campaigns that allow you to target customers anywhere – whether your need is to generate awareness or to provide a compelling call to action.

Over 400 organizations across the country use MailDirect for a wide variety of end-user interactions. Read on to find out how MailDirect can work for you.